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Frequently Given Answers

Q: I have not received an activation SMS message!
A: Looks like you are running on autopilot. Registration procedure on this website
does not send you any SMS messages.

Q: Please refund the listing fee, my domain was sold!
A: Please read the rules. The listing fee will be released back to your account once domain name
is successfully transferred to the buyer. The listing fee is retained in all other cases.

Q: I've placed a wrong bid! Please delete my bid.
A: Sorry, this should be quite obvious? You've placed a bid into the live auction and
your reckless action has already changed the course of events in the Universe. There is no
way to retract it. You are now legally bound to purchase the domain name. If you didn't
intend to, please pay attention for the next time and keep your fingers crossed someone
overbids you in this auction.

Q: I have a really great portfolio of domain names I want to sell; can I e-mail the list
to you so you can see whether they qualify to be listed on DomainLore?
A: Have a look at current and past auctions to get the idea and please do not e-mail any
lists to us, submit all domains one-by-one using a standard procedure and see whether they
get approved.

Q: I've started my auction and entered incorrect end date/reserve price/bin price ..etc.
Please could you update the auction with correct details?
A: Unfortunately, auction's properties can not be altered when the auction is already live.
If you need to change auction details for the auction which you haven't started yet, then you'll
need to dismiss current auction and re-submit with the correct details.

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