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Auction By: Lamia Alimi aka Lamucha (Banned member)

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£160Buyer3 (autobid)01-10-2020 09:22:51
£150Buyer4 (autobid)01-10-2020 09:22:51
£120Buyer301-10-2020 09:22:51
£110Buyer401-10-2020 02:13:06
£100Buyer1 (autobid)30-09-2020 15:27:44
£100Buyer330-09-2020 15:27:44
£70Buyer1 (autobid)30-09-2020 13:41:16
£60Buyer230-09-2020 13:41:16
£50Buyer126-09-2020 19:38:51

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